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This Filipino American Life is a podcast that explores the nuanced experiences of Filipinos in the United States, atbp. We release new episodes every other week. Enjoy all our latest episodes here!

Episode 120 – Fil Am Allyship in the Black Lives Matter Movement (Social Distance Series)

The murder of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and countless others at the hands of the police department has ignited outrage all around the world and once again, exposed the deep wounds of racism and inequality in the...

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Episode 119 – The Social Distance Series: Mental Health in times of Quarantine with Alyssa Lia Mancao

  Early in the TFAL podcast journey we discussed therapy and mental health in Episode 2. As time has progressed the TFAL community has asked to continue the discussion around mental health. In this episode the TFAL crew has...

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Episode 118 – The Social Distance Series: Pilipino Graduations

Pilipino Graduation.  P-Grad.  Fil-Grad.  Filipina/o/@/x Grad.  Whatever the nomenclature, these ceremonies celebrate the educational accomplishments of Filipino Americans at many universities, colleges, and increasingly high schools.  P-Grads are more intimate ceremonies where FilAm graduates personally thank their loved ones,...

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Episode 117 – The Social Distance Series: Hilaw Pa 4.0

TFAL is back with yet another edition of Hilaw Pa, the ultimate Filipino American brainstorm where the crew comes up with half-baked ideas related to our experiences.  In this episode, we discuss Coronavirus-related ideas.  Listen as we come up...

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Episode 116 – The Social Distance Series: TFAL talks ECQ in Metro Manila with Isabelle Lacson

As we continue our social distance series, we wanted to know what the Covid-19 experience was like in the Philippines. For that perspective the crew talks to Isabelle Lacson, a Metro Manila resident and friend of Producer Mike and...

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Episode 115 – The Social Distance Series: Pilipino Cultural Nights

Pilipino Cultural Night, aka PCN, aka PACN, aka Barrio Fiesta, aka Filipino Night, etc.  is an annual production performed by countless Filipino American student organizations on college campuses (and some high schools) throughout the country.  It is a night...

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What film has a satanic dance number, singing angels, perilous escapes, bawdy humour, and a rough and tumble fight scene? The  visual mind trip of a film OMENG SATANASIA, starring the ‘King of Comedy’ Dolphy. OMENG SATANASIA combines the golden era Philippine Cinema of the ‘70s and ‘80s with the prolific entertainers comedic stylings. ABS-CBN...

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  JOURNEY TO IFUGAO follows five Filipino artists and healers as they travel from Los Angeles to the Philippines on a spiritual quest for their identities and indigenous roots. Directed by Nicanor Evangelista, the cast and crew traverse to a village in Ifugao where they learn life lessons communing with nature and the essence of...

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I Gotchu Fam, Always

  I Gotchu Fam, Always is a shorts program where folks will see the likes of Tess Paras make her directorial debut in THE PATIENTS, the Academy award nominated short WEEKENDS by Trevor Jimenez, and you’ll see formal TFALpodcast guests Christine Balance and Geo Quibuyen make an appearance in Robert Karimi’s Lumpia Campesina. Get your...

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NO DATA PLAN by Mike Revereza makes its west coast premiere at LAAPFF. Named as one of 2018’s “25 New Faces of Independent Film to Watch,” Revereza challenges formal tropes of filmmaking while amplifying the voices of the underrepresented. The unconventional travelogue chronicles Revereza’s life as he uses whatever is available (camera, phone, etc) to...

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Counterflow: Currents in New Filipina/o Music

  Check out this visual mixtape curated by former TFALpodcast guest Joel Quizon! Counterflow is an experience that features shorts from Philippine artists redefining and reworking the contemporary Filipina/o music landscape. Counterflow: Currents in New Filipina/o Music Sat, May 4, 9PM Downtown Independent 251 S Main Street Los Angeles, CA 90012   BUY TICKETS HERE:...

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EERIE is set at Saint Lucia Academy for Girls, which is plagued by the ghost of a student who died under mysterious and tragic circumstances. The NEOMANILA & BIRDSHOT director returns to the screen with his play on Filipino mythology that uses supernatural characters that Filipinos may find familiar (mumus, aswangs, and dwendes oh my!)....

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meet the Hosts & crew

We started the TFAL podcast in 2016 as friends who loved sharing perspectives on our personal Filipino American experiences. Get to know more about us and our other projects. 

Joseph Bernardo

Joe is a 2nd generation Filipino American born in Los Angeles and raised in the San Fernando Valley. He currently works at a local university in LA and is involved with various organizations & campaigns that support...
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Ryan Carpio

Ryan was born in Manila, Philippines and immigrated to the United States when he was 7 years old. He grew up in Los Angeles and currently works for the City of LA. He’s a Loyola High School and UC Berkeley alum. In his free time, he likes to sing, teach, play cards, and laugh.
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Elaine Dolalas

Elaine is a Historic Filipinotown-based writer, podcaster, and independent curator. She curates Color Your Troubles Away, a monthly arts event that offers stress relief, healing, and meditation through coloring.
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Michael Nailat

Michael, aka waxstyles, is definitely 100% Filipino American, although his facial hair tends to confuse folks for some reason. Born and raised in Oxnard, educated at UC Irvine and USC, it’s no wonder he ended up becoming a DJ...
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