Episode 3: Filipino American Gangs in SoCal – Where are you from and where are you now?

Dave and Homie1

In this episode, we explore the history of Filipino American gangs in Southern California with Dave, a local expert on the subject. Growing up in Los Angeles in the 80’s and 90’s was a different time.  The political landscape was different and teen life was difficult for Filipino immigrants who were searching for protection, identity, or perhaps something to do.  How did Filipino American gangs form?  What was the lifestyle like?  Are they still around?  Dave takes us on a journey to answer these questions and much more. We hope you take a listen to get a glimpse of what it was like for those who grew up around what was most worrisome to Filipino American parents during those turbulent years.
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For some more background on Filipino/Asian gangs in Southern California, here are some news articles:

For a comprehensive study on Filipino American gangs, particularly Satanas (STS), read Bangele Alsaybar’s Ph.D. dissertation, “Youth Groups and Youth Savers: Gangs, Crews, and the Rise of Filipino American Youth Culture in Los Angeles,” as mentioned in the podcast.  (Available through Proquest.  If you don’t have access to Proquest, feel free to email us to see how you can get a copy). Alsaybar also published a portion of his study in Amerasia Journal, which can be accessed here.

Finally, here are links to two non-profit organizations that concerned community members established to curb gang violence in the Filipino community, Search to Involve Pilipino Americans in Los Angeles and United Playaz in San Francisco.


Elaine here. Color Your Troubles Away is on Thursday, July 28th. I had the wrong date when we recorded the podcast!


10 thoughts on “Episode 3: Filipino American Gangs in SoCal – Where are you from and where are you now?

  1. How random… Ryan Carpio was my neighbor in Atwater. I remember when his whole family came to America. Me and Ryan used to trade baseball cards when we were younger, best of it all was when us kids used to play in front of our house. On the other hand the good ol Atwater and its gangs and the many many surrounding gangs. Everywhere you walked it was gangs…Those are the many childhood memories I will never forget even if I wanted too. I go on for hours talking about it.


  2. Not to glorify gang life but that la…. Pre gentrification LA….. I miss it! Maybe the excitement of it. Thanks for the memories of the graffiti, the people and the clothes, cars, sounds and looks this podcast brought back! I also like your in between and ending music! Mad respect!


  3. I just wanted to say I grew up in this era and memories that will last! By the way I gave that photo given to me by one of those guys


      • How is this guy Dave not going to mention Temple St. when talking about the original pinoy gangs in L. A…?? Especially around the Rampart area…


  4. Growing up in the 80’s was da fuckin bomb! Gangbangin was fun. We wuz killin mothafuckers left and right like it aint no thang. I’m from THS and back in the days it was all about THE GANG! I finished school like a school boy but after school I was a whole different person, specially on the weekends, dang I miss those days… I’m now a bank teller in Glendale and have 5 kids.. Still a G and that’s fo Life!


  5. The 80s was the best of times. I was an active member from Sarzana/MP13 in HighlandPark area and we didn’t get along for shit with Baldwin Park THS! Water under the bridge but aint no THS take any of us out! It was the AVES that put up a good one against us rather than any other neighborhoods then. Moved forward with life after doing a 7 year stretch and now doing the family thing. Shout out to all the real OG homies from Sarzana and Mabuhay Pinoy13.


  6. I remember growing up in the 90s on carondelet street! Idk about the generation now but the generation back then was the bomb!!! Blessed to experience that era with so many memories both good n bad! Sup to all the homies then n now from that sukutu “T” gang


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