I Gotchu Fam, Always


I Gotchu Fam, Always is a shorts program where folks will see the likes of Tess Paras make her directorial debut in THE PATIENTS, the Academy award nominated short WEEKENDS by Trevor Jimenez, and you’ll see formal TFALpodcast guests Christine Balance and Geo Quibuyen make an appearance in Robert Karimi’s Lumpia Campesina. Get your tickets today!


After a “bad fight” with her boyfriend, Filipina-American party girl Regina Ramos ends up in the ER where her Dad works. When her family rushes to her aid, they stumble to connect as a trending topic becomes a real-life issue that affects them all.


A young boy shuffles between the homes of his recently divorced parents. Surreal, dream-like moments mix with the domestic realities of a broken up family in this hand-animated film set in 1980’s Toronto.

Lumpia Campesina

Mero Cocinero, traces his love for lumpia by taking us back to a birthday party where he faces the awkwardness and isolation of being the only Iranian-Guatemalan in attendance. While the DJ spins 80s dance hits, young Mero learns how to transform his alienation into a recipe for empowerment.


I Gotchu Fam, Always

Sun, May 5, 7PM

Downtown Independent

251 S Main Street Los Angeles, CA 90012





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