Month: December 2016

Bonus Episode – Celebrating Filipino American History Month at FPAC & the LA Greek Theater

Before we say goodbye to 2016, we’ve got one more episode of TFAL to share with all of you!  This past October the TFAL crew talked to some of the artists that were featured at the 25th Annual Festival of Philippine Arts & Culture (FPAC) and at the Filipino American History Month FAHM Celebration at the LA Greek Theater.  Many thanks to everyone we got to interview who shared their thoughts about FPAC, the FAHM showcase, and about Filipino American History Month overall. And a big shout out to the folks who came up to us and told us they were fans of the show, we were truly honored meet all of you!  Happy New Year, and look forward to even more TFAL in 2017!

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From FAHM Celebration

Episode 7 – Xmas Special…Ang Pasko Ay Sumapit!


TFAL Co-Host Joe in his New Jack Swing gear receiving an Xmas gift from his late uncle, Archimedes Domingo (Tito Meddy), circa 1988.

Christmas is coming! (Ang Pasko Ay Sumapit!)  What are your unique Filipino American Christmas traditions?  Do you go to Simbang Gabi…at 7pm?  Do you make parols?  Do you visit the Philippines every Christmas?  Do you send your loved ones balikbayan boxes?  Do you eat Queso de Bola after midnight mass?  Do you watch NBA basketball all day with your family while eating lechon and candied ham?

Join the TFAL crew as they reminisce about old Christmas traditions they grew up with.  Find out how Elaine discovered the real truth about Santa Claus.  Find out which is Producer Mike’s favorite Xmas movie.  Find out what Shrek character Ryan dressed up as.  And find out what the heck is going on in the picture above.

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Episode 6.5 – Gambling

TFAL Co-Host Elaine at Harrah’s in New Orleans.

May the odds be forever in your favor!

Maybe you find a slot machine’s bright colors and sounds entertaining, or perhaps you cherish the time you spend with friends on your way to a casino in a free air conditioned bus, or maybe even more simply, it could be the thrill of the possibility of having more money than you started with. However you cut it, a lot of Filipino Americans like to gamble in casinos, at home, or in an underground cockfighting ring.  For many Filipinos throughout the U.S., gambling is easily accessible. Over 60 Indian casinos are available to people who have itchy palms for those in California like us. And if that’s not enough, Nevada is just a few hours away.

Is it really in the Filipino culture to gamble?  Is gambling a form of entertainment?  Is there more to gambling than trying to get rich? Are Filipinos just trying to cash in their good karma?

Listen to our stories about mahjong marathon sessions; find out which TFAL member is the Pusoy Dos Champion; or  listen as we vocalize a slot machine’s sound of fake coins dropping into a bucket (yeah, we did that). Take a chance and download our podcast. If you listen, you might just win something!

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