Month: January 2018

Episode 20 – Pop Culture and Cultural Appropriation


On this episode of This Filipino American Life, the crew talks about their experiences with pop culture before hashing things out with pop culture scholar and fellow Pop Rocket podcaster, Karen Tongson. Find out who in the crew loves Steven Universe, music, food, gambling, and sports. (Hint hint: it’s someone in the picture.) Also listen as we decipher how appropriation plays into pop culture.

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Episode 19.5 – 2017 in Review


For many of us (POCs specifically), 2017 was a challenging year.  Trump’s reign as president and his attacks on the American people has alarmed even moderate conservatives.  In the Philippines, Duterte’s drug war has amassed thousands of casualties among the country’s poor.  And the demise of net neutrality may alter this very podcast.

But not all of 2017 was a real-life episode of Black Mirror (or Twilight Zone for you old fogies).  The #MeToo Movement has presented a challenge to the misogynist culture in American society.  Plenty of community leaders have doubled down in resisting the Trump’s terror.  And some of our favorite things in pop culture brought us some joy over the past year.

To put some of 2017 in perspective, the TFAL crew (Gerlie included) reviews of this past year’s events in politics, pop culture, and in the Filipino American community.  Listen as we go over our involvement in the Women’s March, the crazy events in Charlottesville and the future of memorial statues, and of course, Mike’s favorite new video game consule.  We don’t cover everything that happened in 2017, but we do discuss our hopes and dreams in 2018.

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