Month: May 2021

Episode 143 – Filipino American Community Profile: Data and Statistics with Neil Ruiz (Social Distance Series)

How many Filipinos are in the United States?  Where are Filipinos located throughout the nation?  How well are we doing socio-economically?  What does this data tell us about our community? Many people have researched answers to these demographic questions using statistical data.  One of these important figures is Neil Ruiz, Associate Director of Race and…

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Episode 142 – The Bakit List 3.0: What Grinds Our Gears Edition (Social Distance Series)

3-2-1 …. 1-2-3. What the heck is bothering me? It’s been a while since TFAL has asked “Bakit?” “Why o’ why?”  For our latest edition of the Bakit List, the TFAL team shares what grinds their gears. We look at the annoying and ever so problematic topics that affect Filipino Americans.  Some of the discussions…

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