Month: November 2020

Episode 132 – Bumoto Kami: Filipino American Electoral Politics (Social Distance Series)

Election season in the US has come and not quite gone, and regardless of who you voted for (and how you feel about the results), a noteworthy aspect of this year’s Elections were the sheer number of Filipino Americans running for office throughout the country.  From Hawaii to Virginia, California to Georgia, and even Utah and Texas, there were a number of Filipino American candidates running for local and national offices this year.

In fact, Filipino Americans have held public offices in the US as far back as the 1950s.  And even amongst the TFAL crew, many of us have worked on electoral campaigns and worked for elected officials.

But what are the implications and the opportunities for Filipino Americans in seeking and winning these public leadership roles?  What roles can and should the Filipino American community play in both driving these campaigns and holding these leaders accountable?  How does community organizing in general fit into the picture?  And how have the political divides that exist in this country manifested in our own communities and families?

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Episode 131 – Who Ordered Tax? TFAL Talks Pinoy Humor (Social Distance Series)

Filipino humor.  You know what it is.  Super corny one-liners your mom or dad, aunt and uncle might have said.  It may be a play on words.  May include using an accent.  On Filipino TV shows, it may include a high-pitched, solo laugh track.  Some Filipino Americans might find it hilarious.  Some may not.  Non-Filipinos may not get the joke.  Some may.  Whatever the case, Filipino humor is distinct, tickling the funny bone of so many kababayans everywhere.

In this TFAL episode, the crew dissects what makes Pinoy humor Pinoy.  What is the anatomy of Filipino humor?  Do other communities laugh when hearing a Filipino joke?  Is it only for Filipinos of a certain class?  Can Filipino humor manifest in other ways beyond accent jokes, one-liners, or punchlines?  We discuss the humor we adopted growing up in Filipino households as well as popular comedians like Dolphy, Tito, Vic, and Joey, Rex Navarrete, and JR De Guzman.  We also talk about what we think of Fil Am YouTube comedians and the need for humor to dig a little deeper.  Hope you enjoy this episode and share a bit of laughter with one another.  With the world in a constant state of crisis, laughter will always get us by.

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