Month: November 2020

Episode 132 – Bumoto Kami: Filipino American Electoral Politics (Social Distance Series)

Election season in the US has come and not quite gone, and regardless of who you voted for (and how you feel about the results), a noteworthy aspect of this year’s Elections were the sheer number of Filipino Americans running for office throughout the country.  From Hawaii to Virginia, California to Georgia, and even Utah…

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Episode 131 – Who Ordered Tax? TFAL Talks Pinoy Humor (Social Distance Series)

Filipino humor.  You know what it is.  Super corny one-liners your mom or dad, aunt and uncle might have said.  It may be a play on words.  May include using an accent.  On Filipino TV shows, it may include a high-pitched, solo laugh track.  Some Filipino Americans might find it hilarious.  Some may not.  Non-Filipinos…

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