Month: June 2022

Episode 170 – Celebrating Philippine Independence Day

What does it mean to celebrate Philippine Independence Day? Why do we Filipino Americans celebrate it?  What’s the difference between June 12 and July 4 and do people really understand its history? Is the Philippines really “independent”? Yes, we know we’re on Filipino time with this one, but on this TFAL episode, we dive into…

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Episode 169 – Love letters to Lola | TFAL talks CRESCENCIANA: A Memoir In Words And Illustrations with Kenneth Tan

In this episode of TFAL, Elaine talks with author and artist Kenneth Tan. This conversation was recorded at a pre-Mother’s Day book event at Belcanto Books in Long Beach, CA. In this conversation we learn about Kenneth’s journey with his Lola and what inspired his beautiful coffee table memoir. Since this conversation was recorded at…

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