Month: April 2022

Episode 165 – The 2022 Philippine Presidential Election

In less than two weeks, Filipinos across the Philippines and dual citizens around the world will go to the polls to elect a new president.  This is a very important election for the Philippines and will affect those of us in the diaspora tremendously.  We at TFAL want to make sure you all know the…

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Episode 164 – Belligerence Has Arrived! TFAL gets real with Melissa Beck from Real World NOLA Homecoming

In the year 2000 MTVs Real World took the audience to New Orleans and introduced Filipino Americans to Melissa Howard. Over 20 years later Paramount Plus is giving Gen Xers the opportunity to revisit classic Real World casts. In 2021 Real World New York and Los Angeles opened the door to these Homecoming reunions. These…

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