Month: April 2023

Episode 188 – Money, Money, Money: TFAL talks with Berna Anat, your Financial Hype Woman

Did you know April is financial awareness month? A perfect time to drop this episode with MONEY OUT LOUD author Berna Anat. Berna is your Financial Hype Woman/Manang/Ate/Tita. The moniker “Financial Hype Woman” is her made up way of saying she creates financial education media that lives at @HeyBerna all over the internet. Listen as…

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Episode 187 – Baon Bracketology: Filipino Food Face-Off, Part 2

We’re back at it again. Part 2 of the ultimate Filipino food tournament!  Listen as we decide between Sinigang and Tinola, Pancit Palabok and Pancit Bihon, and many other hard matchups. Laugh as you listen to TFAL Food Appreciator Ryan nearly gets an aneurysm from our food debates. And of course, find out what is…

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