Month: June 2021

Episode 145 – Les is More: Mixing It Up with “Les The DJ” Talusan (Social Distance Series)

  Can you believe that, in the five years that we’ve been doing this podcast about Filipino American Life, somehow we have neglected to talk to a DJ about DJing?!  Neither can we, especially since Producer Mike is a collector and curator of vinyl himself! Though DJing may be as old as vinyl records themselves,…

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Episode 144 – Susus Maryosep: TFAL Talks Recent Filipino Representation (Social Distance Series)

In recent weeks, many Filipinos and Filipino Americans have appeared in mainstream U.S. news and entertainment.  Whether it’s the release of the Netflix anime series, TRESE, the long-awaited appearance of a Filipino nurse in Grey’s Anatomy, the recent announcement of a Pinay Captain America, or the heroic acts of Jordan Clarkson after a racist incident…

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