Month: January 2023

Episode 182 – Supportive White Parents: TFAL Talks Comedy with Joy Regullano

As Filipinos, comedy is a significant part of our lives.  Not only is it a source of entertainment, comedy is a way of survival – a salve during the lowest points of our lives.  It’s no wonder why Filipinos find humor in anything.  In these modern times, performance comedy can come in many forms –…

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Episode 181 – Hilaw Pa 5.0

Hilaw Pa 5.0!  Once again it’s a new year. With a new year comes new ideas. In this 5th iteration of Hilaw Pa, the TFAL crew once again come up with new random “half-baked” ideas related to Filipino Americans that should be out there in the world. Listen as we discuss a solution to California’s…

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