Month: August 2023

Episode 193 – TFAL is feeling Nervous: A Conversation with Jen Soriano

Have you ever been in constant pain and could not figure out why? Have you ever felt a knot in your back and felt like you could never break it? What happens when family trauma transcends generations and physically manifests itself in your body? In this episode of TFAL join Elaine and Producer Mike as…

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Episode 192 – Say My Name, Say My Name: Code Switching and Pronunciation of Filipino Names

How do you pronounce your name?  How do you pronounce your last name?  Do you Anglicize it?  Do you pronounce it differently when talking to other Filipinos or when speaking Tagalog? Do you correct people who pronounce it differently? How would you pronounce the name “Roxas”? In this mini-episode, Ryan, Elaine, and Joe discuss the…

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