Month: October 2023

Episode 196 – Dust Your Shoulders Out: Melissa Magsaysay on Filipino Fashion

  Many of us have grown up seeing women in our lives rock the duster around the house. The piece of apparel is synonymous with traditionally women’s work. But what if the duster could be updated? What would that look like?  In this episode the TFAL Crew,  sans food appreciator Ryan Carpio, have an intimate…

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Episode 195 – Heir Today, Gone Tomorrow: Estate Planning and Family Inheritance with Marivel Zialcita

Have you spoken to your parent(s) about estate planning?  What will happen to their financial assets when they will pass away?  Have you witnessed your family feud over family inheritance or ancestral land?  Have you thought of what legacies you’d like to pass on when you eventually transition to the other side? In this TFAL…

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