Month: February 2023

Episode 184 – Rex in Effect: TFAL laughs with Rex Navarrete

Tell us if you’ve heard this one: “What size is your panty? You’re not large.. you’re size H… HUSKY” We can still remember listening to this joke in college (before youtube), in an MP3 file that circulated the dorms.  Never had we heard a stand up comic that sounded like our uncle. Listening to Rex…

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Episode 183 – Scam and Jam – TFAL talks about Scams (Allegedly)

In this episode the TFAL crew talks about make out parties in the 1990s. Just Kidding! In this episode the TFAL crew talks about scams, the criminal kind. The crew talks about their recollection of prominent Filipino American scams that happened in Los Angeles like the infamous Jun Reodica who was the leader of a…

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