Month: March 2020

Episode 111 – The Social Distance Series: Live with Eugene Cordero & Mitch Narito

Continuing the California mandate of social distancing the TFAL crew hosted another virtual live podcast with special guests Eugene Cordero & Mitch Narito. Initially we meant to host our live stream on Facebook, however technical difficulties lead to us hosting on our YouTube channel. In this episode we share one thing that we have learned…

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Episode 110 – The Social Distance Edition: TFAL on Facebook Live

Coronavirus is here.  We’re all required to practice social distancing.  For many of us, this type of isolation is normal, for others, not so much.  Despite these government mandates, we here at TFAL must continue, if only for our own sanity.  This past week, Elaine, Joe, Ryan, and Producer Mike came together virtually and streamed…

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Episode 109 – Documenting Filipino American Stories: A Conversation with Marissa Aroy

Documentaries are essential for our community.  There are certainly a number of good films that document the Filipino and Filipino American experience – Delano Manongs, The Fall of the I-Hotel, Imelda, The Learning, Bontoc Eulogy, to name a few.  These films are so important in spreading awareness of our people’s history and culture and keeping…

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