Month: April 2020

Episode 115 – The Social Distance Series: Pilipino Cultural Nights

Pilipino Cultural Night, aka PCN, aka PACN, aka Barrio Fiesta, aka Filipino Night, etc.  is an annual production performed by countless Filipino American student organizations on college campuses (and some high schools) throughout the country.  It is a night of acting, singing, and dancing that draws thousands of Filipino Americans any given year.  It has become an institution in Filipino America.

Unfortunately, so many PCNs have been canceled due to the current COVID-19 Crisis, disappointing countless Filipino American students who planned on participating this year.  This prompted the TFAL crew to look back to our experiences of participating (or not participating) in PCN.  In this episode, the TFAL crew discusses what is PCN, its popular even after 40+ years of existence, the genre’s critiques and controversies, and of course, its unbearable length.

Listen and find out who didn’t participate in PCN, who served as PCN coordinator, who was too dark to perform a Maria Clara dance, and which school had an 8-hour PCN!  This episode was recorded live on FB, with the master scholar, Theo Gonzalves, joining in on the chat.

To learn more about PCN, its origins, and its critiques, you can read the following scholarly works:

Theo Gonzalves’s The Day the Dancers Stayed

Dylan Rodriguez’s introductory chapter in Suspended Apocalypse

Xavier Hernandez’s article, “Behind the Curtain”

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Episode 114 – The Social Distance Series: Raising Multiracial Children with Farzana Nayani

When we began our podcast journey several folks reached out to us about covering the multiracial Filipino experience. The question came to mind “What does it mean to be a multiracial Filipino?” This is a question that we knew we’d need an expert to share their experience and perspective.

tfal x farzana

In this episode we chat with Farzana Nayani, author of the new book ‘Raising Multiracial Children.’ Farzana shares her experience growing up in a Filipino and Pakistani household in Canada. How her upbringing combined with her University of Hawaii, Manoa graduate school focus on multicultural communications lead to her current path as an author, business and life coach, and diversity, equity & inclusion specialist. Farzana also shares how writing the illustrated guide ‘Being All Of Me’ with Multiracial Americans of Southern California transitioned into the book ‘Raising Multiracial Children’ with independent publisher North Atlantic Books and national distributor Penguin Random House.

Final Book Cover_withForewordAfterword - raising multiracial children

Many thanks to the Instagram audience who participated in our book giveaway by providing their questions on what they would like to know about the multiracial Filipino experience. Fatima Gloria Shahzad was our lucky winner! We’ve got exclusive news that makes our TFAL audience winners. Use the code “TFAL35” for 35% off the book and free shipping from North Atlantic Books. (Code is valid only on the NAB site: Raising Multiracial Children). After you purchase and read the book, make sure to rate and review ‘Raising Multiracial Children’  on Amazon and Goodreads.

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Episode 113 – The Social Distance Series: Burlesque with Mizon Garde and Di’ Lovely

What a tease!

In the midst of this doomsday-esque reality that we are experiencing through the coronavirus pandemic, we thought it would be nice to travel down the world of… you guessed it—Burlesque!

Although the roots of “burlesque“ range from parody stage shows to performances in a variety show format, it gradually transitioned into what it’s most commonly associated with today: a stage dance performance that incorporates an exploration of sex and sexuality through a slow reveal striptease.

In this episode of TFAL, we talk to two Pinay burlesque artists, Di’ Lovely and Mizon Garde. In addition to learning about what burlesque is, we get a glimpse of their background, explore complexities of sexuality, as they slowly reveal their own unique journey from discovery to success in this anything-but-typical provocative art.

For more on the growing art of burlesque in the Filipino American community, check out this LA Times article.

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Episode 112 – The Social Distance Series: Live with Nurse Practitioner Therese Golingay Donnelly

On this episode of our Social Distance Series we were able to live stream via our Youtube Channel and on Instagram. The TFAL crew chats with Therese Golingay Donnelly, a nurse practitioner based in Los Angeles. Therese shares her journey going from Founding Mother of Kappa Psi Epsilon at California State University, Long Beach to transitioning from wanting to be an FBI agent to working in the healthcare field. She shares encouraging words to her fellow nurses who are going back into the field.

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Also a PSA to folks who want to help healthcare frontliners! In addition to PPEs that folks have been gathering and sending to local hospitals, buy them a bottle of laundry detergent. Frontliners must wash their daily scrubs when they get home. That’s a lot of laundry! Help them out by sending them a bottle of laundry detergent.

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