Month: August 2020

Episode 126 – LINGUA FRANCA: A conversation with filmmaker Isabel Sandoval (Social Distance Series)

  In this episode the TFAL crew, with Kat Carrido Bonds filling in as a guest host, have a discussion with Isabel Sandoval, the artist behind the lyrical and delicate drama LINGUA FRANCA. LINGUA FRANCA follows Olivia, played by Isabel Sandoval, an undocumented Filipino trans woman, working as a caregiver to Olga, an elderly Russian…

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Episode 125 – When Nature Calls: TFAL Goes to the Great Outdoors (Social Distance Series)

  Trading the city and WiFi for nature and No Service may be the break our overstimulated brains need to recharge. In this episode the TFAL crew talks about their experiences with hiking, fishing, camping, and nature. Find out who grew up camping, how karaoke and mah jong can be a part of these trips,…

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