Month: January 2017

Episode 8 – Did you eat yet?: A Conversation with Filipino Kitchen


Nakakaon ka na ba?  Kumain na kayo?  Nangan kan?  Did you eat yet?

Ah yes…the question your parents/grandparents/family members ask you as you walk in the door.  Among Filipinos, it’s a more common way to say hello.

Food is perhaps the most innate thing that makes us human.  It keeps us alive.  It comforts us.  It identifies us.  It connects us.  And at times, it can even divide us.  Food is a window to our historical and contemporary lives like no other.

Filipino food is no exception. A large part of the Filipino American experience is the food we cook, serve, and eat.  Filipino food like kinilaw, chicken afritada, and Jollibee’s peach mango pie can tell us about our history – colonial or otherwise.  Our food also conveys the community’s struggles with health, cultural invisibility, and even mainstream desirability.

In this TFAL episode, we talk to Sarahlynn Pablo of Filipino Kitchen, a media based company which aims to support and promote the awareness of Filipino food here in the United States and throughout the diaspora.  We discuss a myriad of food-related topics: which Filipino dishes comfort us, which dishes we learned later in life, how Filipinos connect with their food heritage, what politics arise when advocates try to mainstream Filipino cuisine, and much more.

Although we barely scratch the surface of Filipino food in this episode, we hope you enjoy this scrumptious discussion.  Make sure to eat while listening or plan to eat afterwards because this episode will make you hungry!  Where’s my fork and spoon?  Fuck it…I’ll just use my hands!

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Episode 7.5 – Happy Pilipinx New Year!


Happy 2017 TFAL pans!

For some of us, 2016 left bad tastes in our collective mouths and 2017 couldn’t come any sooner.  Though the world is a bit more uncertain than ever, we can hope that the new year will bring more good than bad, more prosperity than scarcity, and more laughter than tears.

Along with a new year, comes new resolutions, new beginnings, and at times, new identities.  Among these is a new way of describing ourselves.  The term “Pilipinx” has emerged over the last few years as a new nomenclature for Filipino.  We’re not sure of its exact origins, but can we assume it came from progressive college students.

Recalling the old P/Filipino debates of yesteryear, we discuss “Pilipinx” in this episode – its intention, its promise, and its utility.  And of course, we discuss our unique Filipino American New Year’s traditions.  Start off the new year right and fill your ears with TFAL!

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