Month: March 2017

Episode 10.5 – TV Party

On this mini episode we talk TV! What were your favorite TV shows growing up? As 80s babies we rehash our love of Saturday morning cartoons, Saved By The Bell, and A-Team. Do you remember Ernie Reyes Jr on Sidekicks? Or are you a fan of TJ Perkins on WWE? What would a Filipino American…

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Episode 10 – Filipinos in the Nursing Industry

Are you a nurse?  Do you know someone or are you related to someone in the nursing field? (Hahaha…of course you do!).  Ever wonder why there are so many Filipino nurses in the United States? The statistics are astonishing.  According to Aaron Terrazas and Jeanne Batalova from the Migrant Policy Institute, nearly one of every…

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Episode 9.5 – Hilaw Pa 2.0…or Siri Is Too Serious

Is there a use for Filipino American holiday?  Is there a way to accommodate bigger and bigger family parties?  Is there a better way to transport stuff to loved ones in the Philippines?  Why, yes, of course!!! The TFAL crew answers all these questions and more in their second installment of Hilaw Pa where we…

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