Here is our first podcast episode about Filipino parents.  Elaine, Joe, and Ryan first introduce themselves and then discuss what it’s like growing up with Filipino parents.  We then interview our guests, Glenda Gamboa and Joel Quizon, and ask what it’s like to raise their son, Kamayo.  Take a listen and hilarity will ensue.  Lesson from the episode, “Abstinence!” =)

Stream the podcast from Mixcloud below, or directly download the whole file here.

4 comments on “Our very first episode – Filipino Parents!

  1. narvo says:

    Hey, just got word of you guys from a filipina poet buddy of mine, Melissa Sipin, who’s really kept me up to date with all the Fil-Am articles and events in and around town since I met her about a month ago. Looking forward to your podcasts. I’ve been collaborating with other Fil-Am 2nd gens about our experiences growing up in the U.S., hoping to publish them in a series of zines, so it’s pretty cool that I stumbled upon you guys right around the same time. Take care, keep in touch and thanks for sharing!

    1. Great to meet you! Please let us know when the zines come out. Would love to discuss them!!

      1. narvo says:

        Bigtime. I’ll keep you posted. Cool podcast, by the way; I listened to it on the way home from work. Casual and spontaneous, yet enlightening at the same time. Thanks for putting forth the effort and awareness to do this kinda stuff.

  2. Elaine says:

    Loved the first podcast Joe, sooooo funny!

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