Bakit /ˈbaːkit/ is a Tagalog word that means, “Why.”  Join the TFAL team while we go through our “Bakit List” of questions such as:
  • Why do Filipino Catholics have so many Santo Niños?
  • Why do our parents cover our couches and tables in plastic?  or
  • Why do we love canned goods so much?
Keep listening to find out what Producer Mike’s favorite canned food is!
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2 comments on “Episode 4.5 – The Bakit List!

  1. leftylimbo says:

    Ah yes, Corned Beef Hash (Carne Norte), SPAM and Vienna Sausages. I salivate just at the mere thought. Thanks for sharing!

    My mom’s from Digos (Mindanao) and my pop’s from Marinduque (an island near Manila). They have slightly different approaches to the Carne Norte. My mom will do the hash with cubed potatoes and maybe some carmelized white onions for flavor (yum!). My dad does the same thing but he’ll also throw in a few grilled sliced cherry tomatoes. What happens in his recipe is the tomatoes dissolve into the meat but the skin would get left behind like these weird little “pennants” or red flags lol. I like both styles but I really like the onion/potato combo bigtime.

    Brand loyalty anyone? Hereford Corned Beef and Libby’s Vienna Sausages for me, since day 1! =D

  2. leftylimbo says:

    Oh yeah, btw …the plastic-covered furniture is also a big Mexican thing too, apparently.

    Did you guys mention that long plastic floor runner thing? The one with sharp spikes on the bottom? Pinoy standup Rex Navarette made a funny skit about that years ago, lol.

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