On this episode of This Filipino American Life, the TFAL crew talks about their experiences with blogging. Blogspot, Xanga, Livejournal and countless other internet sites were the home to our early 00s thoughts and terrible spoken word poetry.  In this new era of blogging, Facebook has become the home of writing down these thoughts. One blogger in particular, Ranier Maningding of The Love Life of an Asian Guy, uses his platform that originally was a place to blog about his experience dating as an Asian American to commentary on race, politics, and pop culture. Listen to how he transitioned from dating to his commentary while growing his audience to close to 200,000 folks!

Ranier is also venturing into podcasting! Here is the teaser for “The Love Life of an Asian Guy” podcast.  You can check it out HERE.

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Are you on tumblr or wordpress? What are you writing about? Is Instagram your thing? What are you taking pictures of? Let us know what your experience blogging was like! Tweet at us (@TFALpodcast), comment on Facebook (This Filipino American Life), leave a comment on this post, or leave us a message on our voicemail! 805-394-TFAL. That’s 805-394-8325.

3 comments on “Episode 9 – Love Life of An Asian Guy

  1. laurenlola says:

    An episode about blogging, eh? This should be interesting. Also, to answer your question, I use my blog of over three years as a hub for discussing the art of storytelling, the writing process, and life as an author.

  2. Spencer says:

    This guy is 100% racist. I think the Asian American community needs to do a lot more to confront garbage like this guy who spews ethno-Europhobic racism in nearly every one of his posts, from celebrating the gulag imprisonment of some dude bro in North Korea to ranting about “whypipo” incessantly. This child suffers a massive inferiority complex which manifests itself of his obsession with white people and attacking them. Fk this guy and anyone who supports him.

  3. Spencer says:

    I think we need some articles examining racism that is emerging in the Asian American community from the AA equivalent of the alt-right on /Asian-Masculinity to this regressive leftist SJW racism embodied in the insecure rantings of LLAG.

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