Episode 9.5: Hilaw Pa 2.0…or Siri Is Too Serious


Is there a use for Filipino American holiday?  Is there a way to accommodate bigger and bigger family parties?  Is there a better way to transport stuff to loved ones in the Philippines?  Why, yes, of course!!!

The TFAL crew answers all these questions and more in their second installment of Hilaw Pa where we talk about zany half-baked ideas that Filipinos and Filipino Americans can relate to!  Of course, none of us will ever pursue these projects – that’s for you all to take on!  Our job is just to put it out there in the world.   As green mangoes with bagoong have taught us, raw things are just as good as ripe ones!

Listen through the embedded player below, download directly here, or subscribe to us on iTunes here.

Do you have a half-baked idea you’d like to share with us?  Email it to us at thisfilipinoamericanlife@gmail.com.  Or better yet, leave a voice message on the TFAL hotline (805) 394-TFAL and maybe, just maybe we’ll play it on our next podcast episode!

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