Episode 12 – Chef’s Choice: A conversation with Chef Dale Talde



If you’ve been listening to the show you’ll know that we love food at This Filipino American Life.  We love talking about it in our personal life, with strangers, and on the podcast.  TFAL resident reality checker Gerlie and graphic designer Vince join us for a bit as we share our favorite Filipino restaurants.


On episode 12 TFAL celebrates our one year anniversary with a super special guest Chef Dale Talde! We talk food, Dale’s experience as a cheftestant, and who would be on his NBA dream team starting five. You should also check him out on Eater’s premier episode of Cult Following. Eater explores the magic of Jollibee with Dale. Warning: you may want to have a full belly when you watch this video. Or at least a Chicken Joy ready because you will get hungry!


TFAL interviews Dale Talde

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If you are in the New York, New Jersey, and Miami area make sure to check out these spots and give TFAL tips on what to munch and drink! Atlantic Social, Talde BrooklynTalde Jersey City, Talde Miami Beach

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