Episode 93 – The Murder of Joseph Ileto: 20 Years Later

On August 10, 1999, Buford O. Furrow, Jr., a white supremacist, shot and killed JOSEPH ILETO, a Filipino American postal worker in Chatsworth, CA, after firing 70 shots inside the North Valley Jewish Community Center with a semi-automatic weapon.  Ileto had just delivered mail to a home when Furrow approached him and asked if Ileto could mail a letter for him. Furrow then shot Ileto nine times. Furrow later admitted that he shot Ileto because he worked for the federal government and “looked Latino or Asian.”

In this episode, half of the TFAL crew talks to members of the Ileto family – Ismael and Deena Ileto – and discuss keeping Joseph’s memory alive through their advocacy against hate.  Also, joining the Ileto family is Stewart Kwoh, longtime national Asian American community leader.  Listen as they discuss Joseph’s tragic killing, their thrust into community advocacy, their plea to the Filipino community to stop being complacent, and the frustration towards the lack of political accountability for the ongoing hate-fueled mass shootings that seemingly have no end.


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1 comment on “Episode 93 – The Murder of Joseph Ileto: 20 Years Later

  1. Ed. A. says:

    Revive Our 1920s—1930s Activism. These hateful white folks need to be re-educated. Remember Watsonville.

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