Episode 96 – Human Trafficking: A Conversation with Damayan and Mairi Nunag


In early September, Pilipino Workers Center of Southern California (PWC) hosted an anti-human trafficking summit, bringing together survivors, advocates, and leaders from throughout the country.  After two days of workshops, panels, and performances, the participants launched the Baklas campaign (Filipino for dismantle / break free), a national effort to end human trafficking.

Post-summit, TFAL got a chance to sit down with Linda Oalican, Executive Director and Founding Member of Damayan Migrant Workers Association, as well as Lydia Catina, a Case Manager & Organizer, and Edith Mendoza, a Community Organizer & Damayan Migrant Workers Cooperative Coordinator.  Also joining us in the conversation is Mairi Nunag, an educator who came to the US through a Labor Broker that promised teaching jobs but through a scheme not unlike indentured servitude.

Thank you to Wowie at PWC for making this conversation possible.  And since this episode was recorded at PWC and not our usual recording space, there is a slight hum from the air conditioning in the room that we couldn’t completely tune out.  Otherwise, please take a listen, and please share your thoughts in the comments!

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