Episode 100 – TFAL’s 100th Episode!

We finally made it!!  After 3 1/2 years, we made it to Episode 100.  Let’s celebrate!!!

In this special episode, we look back at TFAL’s first 99 episodes.  Listen as we reminisce about some of TFAL’s greatest moments, and, of course, playback some of our bloopers that never made it on air.  What episodes are our favorites?  What moment made us laugh the most?  Why can’t Joe do commercials right?

We really never thought our podcast would grow to what it is today.  We really didn’t think we would make it to 100 episodes!  But here we are.  TFAL now has over 6,500 regular listeners all over the world!  When we started TFAL in May 2016, we just wanted a place where we could record our stories as Filipino Americans.  We wanted to make folks laugh, think, and cry, and we hope we accomplished that.  We are continually humbled by the support from our TPALs and other supporters through this journey.

We hope you enjoy this special episode.  It’s been a blast doing this, and we hope you find enjoyment in it as well.  Cheers to another 100 more episodes!

Listen through the embedded player below, download directly here or subscribe to us on Apple Podcasts here. For folks who are on Spotify, you can take a listen to us here.

What were your favorite moments?  Who were your favorite guests?  What was your favorite dad joke?  Let us know by leaving us a voicemail, (805) 394-TFAL, or email us at thisfilipinoamericanlife@gmail.com.

P.S. Thank you again to Leroid David for his drawing of the TFAL crew.

1 comment on “Episode 100 – TFAL’s 100th Episode!

  1. Yo congrats on 100th episode! As much as I have you on IG, I haven’t been able to listen and catch up on all episodes but Im committed to catch up because y’all have inspired me to keep tight with my roots. I was born and raised in LA (1981) then moved in SFV, wnet to CSUN, was president of FASA (2000-2005).

    I also worked City of LA youth programs and tried to make moves with Filipino language program from 2000 to 2010. I was there for ground breaking moment for Historical Filipino Town ceremony with Manny Pacquiao & I volunteered teaching Filipino language back in the day with Bahay Kubo Center in Mission Hills 2003 to 2005.

    So with a passion to teach Filipino language as a career, I moved to SD and now teach Filipino class at Bell Middle School in Paradise Hills for 3 years now. Filipino classes have been going in SD since the 80’s and now I’m really to connect and build programming to LA. As I listen to your podcast and learn more about you all, I feel we need to connect and bring our resources together for expansion of Filipino language and programming, such as building up programs and organizations like SIPA and getting Filipino languages in school with state credentialed Filipino language teachers.

    Anyhow, thank you, maraming salamat sa inyo for doing what you do to keep FilAm History and Education going and growing. Lets connect and build.

    Sincerely from fellow kababayan,

    Mike Lapid

    Mr./Ginoong Lapid
    Filipino Class Teacher
    Bell Middle School

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