Episode 102: Coffee Talk with Joseph Zoleta of Black 6 Coffee Trading Co

What happens when a Marine combines their passion for coffee with their Veterans organized humanitarian mission non profit? In this episode the crew talks with Joseph Zoleta and learns how a humanitarian trip to the Philippines turned this marine/paramedic into an entrepreneur with Black 6 Coffee Trading Co.

black 6 coffee 2

Joseph Zoleta is the President of Black 6 Project, a Veterans organized humanitarian mission non profit that harnesses the skills of Veterans for humanitarian efforts like medical missions in Puerto Rico and the Philippines. Through a humanitarian mission in the Philippines and by testing out a Backpacks For Life backpack, Joseph was able to bring back 40 pounds of Philippine grown coffee beans and Black 6 Coffee was born. The unique flavors from the Philippines grown coffees Landslide Kibungan, 8 Ball Kibungan, and Amadeo Excelsa made these roasts quite popular and they are currently sold out on the Black 6 Coffee site.

black 6 coffee


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