Episode 108 – FLAM: TFAL talks music and drinking games with Greg Narvas

In this mini episode the TFAL crew get to know artist and musician Greg Narvas. Greg Narvas is the creator of the zine “I Was a Teenage Filipino Skinhead” and is the drummer and percussionist for the ska band Hepcat. Inspired by AZN FLUSH, a drinking game, Greg realized that there could be a Filipino American equivalent and set out to to create FLAM. Listen as the TFAL crew plays FLAM over whiskey and a few bottles of San Miguel. FYI if you have little ones in the car you may want to wait on listening to this one. The alcohol leads to a few f-bomb slips! 

Listen through the embedded player below, download directly here or subscribe to us on Apple Podcasts here. For folks who are on Spotify, you can take a listen to us here.

Many thanks for Greg for coming into Berllado studios and letting TFAL break in FLAM. If you are interested in FLAM follow Greg on instagram (@leftylimbo) for more info. 

flam 8

You can also catch Hepcat at Punk Rock Bowling in Downtown Las Vegas on Friday, May 22 at Bunkhouse Saloon. It’ll be a night of rocksteady ska, reggae, and northern soul.  This show should be rad since it is also the Punk Rock Bowling debut of Bad Manners!


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