Episode 110 – The Social Distance Edition: TFAL on Facebook Live

Coronavirus is here.  We’re all required to practice social distancing.  For many of us, this type of isolation is normal, for others, not so much.  Despite these government mandates, we here at TFAL must continue, if only for our own sanity.  This past week, Elaine, Joe, Ryan, and Producer Mike came together virtually and streamed a Zoom conference call discussing our respective experiences with social distancing.  Listen as we discuss our current situations, dealing with our aging parents, adventures into grocery stores (Filipino and non-Filipino alike), strategies of maintaining mental health, and stories of xenophobic incidents aimed at Asian Americans.

The current crisis is hard on all of us, both physically with the virus and mentally with the social isolation.  It’s on all of us to help each other out.  This is our way of lightening the mood.  Through the duration of this crisis, we hope to host more online sessions, so please join us on FB Live.  Hopefully, this online version of TFAL will give you a bit of laughter and thought through these grim times.

Listen through the embedded player below, download directly here or subscribe to us on Apple Podcasts here. For folks who are on Spotify, you can take a listen to us here.

How are you dealing with the Coronavirus crisis and social distancing?  Let us know by calling us at (805) 394-TFAL or emailing us at thisfilipinoamericanlife@gmail.com.  We’ll get through this together!


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