Episode 113 – The Social Distance Series: Burlesque with Mizon Garde and Di’ Lovely

What a tease!

In the midst of this doomsday-esque reality that we are experiencing through the coronavirus pandemic, we thought it would be nice to travel down the world of… you guessed it—Burlesque!

Although the roots of “burlesque“ range from parody stage shows to performances in a variety show format, it gradually transitioned into what it’s most commonly associated with today: a stage dance performance that incorporates an exploration of sex and sexuality through a slow reveal striptease.

In this episode of TFAL, we talk to two Pinay burlesque artists, Di’ Lovely and Mizon Garde. In addition to learning about what burlesque is, we get a glimpse of their background, explore complexities of sexuality, as they slowly reveal their own unique journey from discovery to success in this anything-but-typical provocative art.

For more on the growing art of burlesque in the Filipino American community, check out this LA Times article.

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