Episode 128 – A Stoner’s Parable: TFAL Talks “Call Out” Culture (Social Distance Series)

“Call out” culture, an inevitable part of online conversations, has become a bigger part of public discourse over the past few years. While critique and criticism have been around forever, social media has perhaps accelerated confrontations and further deepened divisions between people as online identities increasingly coalesce with personal identities. And the Filipino American community is certainly not immune from its ethos.  There have been many instances over the past year where “call out” culture has called into question both Filipino Americans’ privilege and marginalization.  While there is certainly backlash against calling out, there are certainly moments when it is justifiable and necessary for progress in our communities.  But where do you draw the line between accountability and petty drama?

Join the TFAL crew as we discuss our thoughts on “call out” culture. We discuss where it’s appropriate, and where it devolves into noise.  We discuss issues of “call out” culture in our Filipino American community (albeit vaguely because we don’t want to get into any legal trouble!).  And we even bring some scripture into the episode.  Yoooo!!!

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Note: We didn’t decipher between “call out” culture and “cancel” culture in the episode.  Apologies if we used them interchangeably.

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