Episode 135 – Purge Towards New Beginnings (Social Distance Series)

New Year.

Covid’s still here.

Let’s start purging and clear…

The energy for 2021.

We all know that 2020 was a roller coaster that we were happy to say so long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, goodnight, and goodbye to that wretched year. Within the first week of 2021, we faced an attempted coup attempt and more Covid deaths, especially in our community. As the new year gets going it feels like it’s time to purge the emotional and physical weight of 2020.

In this episode, the TFAL crew with special guest/featured player Kat Carrido Bonds talk about the New Year’s tradition of cleaning the house to start the year anew, and the reasons folks hoard and purge around this time of year. The crew shares their experiences growing up with family who have a tendency of keeping everything and the reasons why they cannot let go.

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How do you handle New Year’s cleaning?  Who are you dedicating this year to?  Let us know by leaving a voicemail at (805) 394-TFAL or email us at thisfilipinoamericanlife@gmail.com!


1 comment on “Episode 135 – Purge Towards New Beginnings (Social Distance Series)

  1. Marion Caro says:


    THINK ABOUT THE ENVIRONMENT. You know how many Tupper wear there are in the landfills because of that thinking !!

    Like you can clean and wash them out and you can store food and use it for baon. Then for the ice cream container, where will you put your frozen meats, seafood and fish?

    (Sorry for shouting I just find throwing things out like that super wasteful. Though I understand you do you and I am sorry if I sound like I am shaming you)

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