Episode 139 – Cleaming the Gube: TV Writing with Rene Gube (Social Distance Series)

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to write a TV or movie? If you had total creative freedom to pitch a show or movie, what would it be about?  Would you center Filipino or Filipino American stories?

In this TFAL episode, we talk TV writing with the one and only Rene Gube, comedian, actor, and writer for such shows like Crazy Ex Girlfriend (he played Father Brah) and Superstore. Listen as he discusses his roots in the Filipino American community, how he got his start in the entertainment industry, and how he navigates a predominantly white industry to push for Filipino storytelling. In the episode, the crew also discusses our story ideas and what it would these shows/movies be like if they came to fruition.  And of course, we talk about how to make a PCN into a TV show (kinda).

Listen or download through the embedded player, find us on Mixcloud or subscribe to us on Apple Podcasts here. And for folks on Spotify, you can take a listen to us here.

If you had the chance to create your own TV show or movie, what would it be about?  Let us know by dropping a line on our voicemail, (805) 394-TFAL.

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