Episode 141 – Pinays in Political Organizing: A Conversation with Russellie Bongolan & Lillie Madali (Social Distance Series)

What is something that you thought was politically impossible but happened? This is the question that Elaine, Joe, Producer Mike, and special guest host Kat tackle in this conversation about Pinays in Political Organizing. Community and political organizing is a difficult and important job that allows for the impossible to become a reality in our lifetime. 

How do regular folks get involved in politics? In this episode the TFAL crew talks with Russellie Bongolan and Lillie Madali. Two Filipina Americans who worked on political campaigns in the State of Georgia. Russellie was the Political Director for current Senator Raphael Warnock and was the Deputy Coalitions Director on the Biden presidential campaign. Lillie is a long-time community organizer in Atlanta and was the Eastern Region Chair of Filipino Americans for Biden presidential campaign. Russellie and Lillie share their story and their reasons for why and how they got involved in political organizing.

Given the recent hate crimes that occurred in Atlanta, a part of our conversation revolves around Stop AAPI Hate organizing that is taking place nationally. For more information head to StopAAPIHate.org

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