Episode 143 – Filipino American Community Profile: Data and Statistics with Neil Ruiz (Social Distance Series)

How many Filipinos are in the United States?  Where are Filipinos located throughout the nation?  How well are we doing socio-economically?  What does this data tell us about our community?

Many people have researched answers to these demographic questions using statistical data.  One of these important figures is Neil Ruiz, Associate Director of Race and Ethnicity Research at the Pew Research Center.  Listen as we discuss Neil’s upbringing in a military family, his career as a researcher, and his work in studying the Asian and Filipino American communities.  We also devote a huge part of the show breaking down the latest demographic information of the Filipino American community and its implications for future policy.

Come join us as we learn more about our community profile and how we compare to other communities.  And of course, we start the episode with our goofy selves and discuss our failed attempts at conquering statistics.

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