Episode 159 – The Secret’s Out: Secretly Filipino

Ever wonder why that peculiar Chinese restaurants have no chopsticks on their table settings?  Have you noticed that your finance branch at your work has a lot of Filipinos? Did you ever think, what’s up with basketball leagues that are 6 feet and Under?

These questions are some of the same things we’ve asked. We all know about places, businesses, or things that don’t look or sound Filipino or owned by a Filipino, but are DEFINITELY Filipino. But on this episode we spill the beans on things that we call “Secretly Filipino.”

Join us as we ponder these Filipino mysteries, touch upon how businesses have catered to the Filipino audience and tastes, and things that Filipinos love, but no one’s talking about. We hope that you laugh with us, but also tell us your own secret Filipino spots or things.  Call us at (805) 394-TFAL or email us at thisfilipinoamericanlife@gmail.com.


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