Episode 171 – Bayan Surf Club – Designing a Lifestyle in Santa Barbara with DJ Javier

If you follow TFAL on IG, a little over a month ago you may have caught a quick story post about Bayan Surf Club / DJ Javier‘s collabo with Vans, and if you were really paying attention, you might have been able to catch the very small window of time where the first fruits of that effort quickly went on sale and then very rapidly sold out.  Of course, Producer Mike doesn’t sleep when it comes to these kinds of things, and not only was he able to score a pair of low tops and high tops for himself and Elaine, but he was also able to snag an interview with the artist himself!

Producer Mike just showin off.   

Hailing from a serene sleepy beach town just north of Santa Barbara, DJ is maybe one of two Filipinos he knew of outside of his family.  But it’s through through his graphic design work and collaborations that he really gets to immerse himself and others in his heritage. From his creative studio Bayan Surf Club and through his online storefront Canto Vision , DJ has already unleashed an incredible body of work that pays homage to his Santa Barbara skate and surf roots, with the influences of the motherland sprinkled throughout.  But how did he end up partnering with Vans, and what’s next for this amazing artist from the 805?  And when are those Vans Slides getting released?! Well you’ll just have to listen to this episode to find out!


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First image by Producer Mike, all other images provided by DJ Javier.

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