Episode 173 – Futbol is This Filipino American Life! with Anton del Rosario

What is the most popular sport in the world? You guessed it!  It’s football! And no, not that kind of football with the oddly shaped ball that’s thrown around with hands mostly and occasionally kicked. We’re talking about futbol, or more commonly known to TFAL (and maybe you) as soccer.  Although the popularity of this sport worldwide is massive, in the United States and Philippines, its popularity, one can arguably consider, is still in its early stages.  In 2018, over 3.5 BILLION people watched the World Cup. And in 2022, the World Cup is estimated to have an audience of 5 billion people worldwide (that’s over HALF of the world’s population).
So why don’t more Filipinos and Filipino Americans play it?
Today, we talk to Anton del Rosario, an American-born Filipino footballer who plays for Maharlika Manila, of which he is also a co-founder and co-owner. He represented the Philippines national team from 2004 to 2014.  We talk about the life of a professional athlete, how soccer played a major role in his life, and his desire to use the “Beautiful Game” as a vehicle to create more opportunities for Filipino Americans and Filipinos across the world.

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1 comment on “Episode 173 – Futbol is This Filipino American Life! with Anton del Rosario

  1. Aidan Astilla says:

    I loved this episode coming from a Filipino American trying to make it in soccer it was a pleasure to listen to this

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