Episode 178 – Josh’s Big Adventure: TFAL Talks to Josh Dela Cruz of Blue’s Clues & You

“Everybody’s looking for Blue’s Clues (and You!)
Come on in, come on in
It’s Blue’s Clues (and You!)”

Some of us remember growing up watching Blue’s Clues, the show that changed children’s programming in a significant way.  Nickelodeon introduced us to Steven and his animated dog, Blue, as they found and followed up on clues.  The show delighted children for 10 years.  In 2019, the show was brought back with a new host, the young Filipino American, Josh!  Now new generations of children are growing up with a Filipino helping them figure out clues, learning and laughing along the way.

In this TFAL episode, we speak to the one and only, Josh Dela Cruz, the host of the children’s show, Blues Clues and You.  We discuss his journey through musical theater, his rise in Broadway and Nickelodeon, and his passion to change the normative narratives that so many of us have grown up believing.

Also, make sure to check out the new movie Blue’s Big City Adventure streaming on Paramount+ beginning on November 18!

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