Somehow it’s November and the holidays are upon us. In this episode the TFAL crew has a conversation about our favorite Thanksgiving foods, traditions, etc, etc, etc.

What are you thankful for this year? What are some of your favorite Thanksgiving traditions? Let us know! Leave us a voicemail (805) 394-TFAL or email us at 

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1 comment on “Episode 179 – TFAL Gives Thanks

  1. Johann Diel says:

    👍🏽 on Elaine’s hot take about on Ube, while I love helaya and even just straight out boiled ube, I think it’s been over exposed and has been just over used as a token go to representation for Filipino cuisine to the same way as Pancio and Lumpia. I agree with Mike’s take that other ingredients, dishes or aspects of our food need more exposure and use! Loved Kat’s hot take about the over criticism from within about the food…once again a bit of that crab mentality rearing its claw from the proverbial basket. Great episode!

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