Episode 184 – Rex in Effect: TFAL laughs with Rex Navarrete

Tell us if you’ve heard this one:

“What size is your panty? You’re not large.. you’re size H… HUSKY”

We can still remember listening to this joke in college (before youtube), in an MP3 file that circulated the dorms.  Never had we heard a stand up comic that sounded like our uncle. Listening to Rex Navarrete for the first time had the feel of backyard shenanigans with a relative, telling stories, and laughing hysterically.  His Filipino accent hit home for many of us, and his stories were relevant to our own lives growing up. It really felt nice to be heard and seen; to know that we weren’t alone, but most importantly, that we can laugh about ourselves unapologetically.

We’ve talked about Filipino jokes and humor before. But this is so special for the TFAL Crew because Rex has been such a formidable part of so many of us growing up. On this episode, we got a chance to talk with the OG, Original Gago himself, Rex Navarrete. Listen as we discuss his origin story as among the first Filipino American stand-up comics, his opinions about stealing jokes, and some advise he has for young Fil Am comics out there.

Rex really tapped into comedy like no other, bravely going into a medium that may have been unfamiliar to millions of Filipino American.  And we lapped it up.

Thank you Rex, for being a pioneer.  You are the Filipino American comedian that paved the way for comedians that are Filipino American.

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*Unfortunately, Producer Mike was unable to participate in the interview with Rex. He and Resident Reality Checker, Gerlie, were busy eating free food somewhere.

Here are some classic clips of Rex we referred to in the episode:

When was the first time you heard Rex’s stand up performance? Leave us a voicemail (805) 394-TFAL or email us at  thisfilipinoamericanlife@gmail.com.

Check out Rex’s website for info on his latest show schedule.

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