Saving Sally

Saving Sally is a film that we mentioned in Episode 10.5: TV Party! This is a film that Producer Mike and I (Elaine here) had heard about a few months ago. I was crossing my fingers that this film would make it Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival this year. All my prayers to Santo Nino (not the scary Seklusyon one) were answered. Check out the trailer for this quirky live action and animated film: Saving Sally.

Buy your tickets now! TFAL crew will be at this screening as well. Would love to hear what the TFAL pans think about this film!

Saving Sally
Monday May 1, 6:30 PM at CGV Cinemas

(Philippines/France/United Kingdom, 2016) Dir. Avid Liongoren

Marty’s your everyday comic-book artist geek who dreams being a Super Hero. And of course he’s secretly in love with his quirky, beautiful best friend, SallySally’s special — funny, smart, sassy — a girl with a secret who likes building cute little robots and erratic dish drying machines. She has no idea how Marty really feels about her. Like every classic love story, this one has its complications: Sally’s abusive monster parents, her uncaring jock boyfriend, homework, more monsters and Marty’s innate ability to do nothing about anything despite his vivid fantasies of defending the love of his life from the world. With time catching up on both of them — and with the monsters closing in on all sides — can Marty save Sallyand save himself in the process?

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